CS5430: System Security - Post CVD: Goals and Schedules

The goals for CS5430 remain the same as before Cornell suspended classes: Learn the terminology, principles, and defenses that underpin cybersecurity. But physical distance now requires changing our modes of interaction. This page outlines how I am planning to proceed; if things are not working, then we will change the plan.

Though the course goals remain unchanged, the emphasis will change: We will now focus more on your exposure to material, and focus less on assessing your understanding of that material. In school, homework and exam grades signal mastery of a topic. In real life, there are no grades (although there is plenty of homework and exams), so you must yourself judge whether you understand material or should ask questions, invest more time, identify and consult other sources, etc. This final segment of the course thus will be closer to real life: you are now the judge of when to spend more time on reading and/or reviewing a lecture.

Schedule: Topics for Q+A Sessions

Schedule: TA Office Hours