CS5430 Homework 5-alt: Post CVD Alternative to Homework 5

General Instructions. You are expected to work alone on this assignment.

Due: April 19, 2020 at 11:59pm. No late assignments will be accepted.

Submit your solution using CMS.

Homework 5 asked that you study and document prior work (in Part 1), design a system (in Part 2), and implement that system that runs in UGCLab (in Part 3). Homework 5-alt too is concerned with checking the quality of passwords, but this assignment is formulated to avoid difficulties you are likely to experience by being off campus. For Homework 5-alt, it is no longer necessary to write and/or debug programs. The focus of Homework 5-alt, then, is identifying prior work and synthesizing that to obtain a system design.

Specifically, for Homework 5-alt, the following replaces the "Submissions and Grading" description given in the Homework 5 problem statement.