# A3 **Deadline:** Wednesday, 03/15/17, 11:59 pm *This assignment may be done as individuals or with one partner.* **Warning:** This homework has two parts. You are currently looking at Part I. You need to decrypt Part II. Part II is much longer than Part I, so you should start early. ### Part I Decrypt [Part II][part2] of this homework. It is encrypted with AES-128 in CBC mode and Base64 encoded. The randomly-generated IV is `0x61f6ef5c567fbcfb99961becdd0954e0`. The key is the birth year of Ezra Cornell, repeated eight times, treated as a hexadecimal number—that is, `0x18071807180718071807180718071807`. *Hint:* You could use any cryptographic library of your choice to implement the decryption. But you might find the command-line tool [openssl][openssl] to be easiest. [part2]: a3.part2.html.enc [openssl]: https://www.openssl.org/