CS5430 Project: Phase III Deliverable (Spring 2013)

Sign-up. Decide where (CSUG or MEng Lab) you want to conduct your presentation and when. Then, schedule a Presentation/Demo meeting slot for Feb 27 - March 1. Use the sign-up sheet posted on the door of Upson 4115 to schedule your meeting.
The sign-up sheet will be available on or before Feb 25 at 11:30am.
Your group must sign-up before Feb 26, at 4pm.

Submission. Submit (at least) the following files to CMS:

TEAM.txt which contains the names (and net-ids) for all team members. Also, for each team member give a 1 or 2 paragraph description of the tasks this team member performed and the number of hours this required.

README.txt which contains the names and a description of the contents for the other files in the directory.

Source files that contain the source needed to compile and run your software. This should include

FUNCTIONALITY.txt, which should discuss the interface that your system implements. What operations does it export? What is the effect of each operation? Diagram or give high-level psuedocode for the cryptographic protocol being used within each operation or within collection of operations.

ASSURANCE.txt, which describes how and what you tested in the software being submitted. Also describe here any other means you used to increase assurance in the correctness of the system and in the absence of vulnerabilities.

Be sure to pay careful attention to the following (and, as appropriate, discuss them in FUNCTIONALITY.txt).