CS5430 Project: Phase I Deliverable (Spring 2013)

The deliverable for this phase is a relatively short document that describes the system your group will build. This document serves two purposes.

Your Phase I deliverable should be submitted to CMS as a .pdf, .txt, .doc or .docx. Use 10 point font or larger, "single" line spacing, and at least 1 inch margins. The entire document should be at most 2 pages (single-sided) and likely will be a lot shorter. A document that does not follow these standards will be returned unread to its authors for re-formatting and receive a grade deduction. (Success in life depends, to a surprising degree, on knowing when to follow instructions and then following them.)

CMS provides a way for you to define your group. Be advised that each group member must take an action in creating a group, and your group cannot submit anything through CMS until the group has been created.

Structure your document as follows.

We will evaluate your Phase I submission against criteria listed below.

Clarity and correct American or British language style and usage counts throughout, just as it does in the real world. So non-native speakers are urged to have somebody critique their prose.