2020-12-09: Instructions for final project presentation and report are posted.

2020-11-09: No project 3. Please submit final project proposal by 11/17.

2020-10-17: Project 2 is posted! Groups are on CMS.

2020-09-30: Please use n2-highcpu-2 rather than e2-micro instances for timing/tuning the matrix multiply project.

2020-09-17: Alternate meeting time for the non-8AM folks who still want the group experience is TR 1:25-2:40 in the Gather.town office. I will be there Thurs 2-4 for office hours.

2020-09-15: We have Google cloud platform credits! Please click on the link to get set up with GCP as soon as possible.

2020-09-09: We have a Slack channel! See invite link on the Cornell only subpage.

2020-09-03: CIS partner-finding social is 9/8, 7:30-10:30; register here if interested.

2020-09-01: If you want to sit in while shopping for courses, use the Zoom link under the Cornell only subpage.

2020-08-24: Welcome to CS 4220! Please see the syllabus for important information on enrollment and course logistics.