• HW 2 due today
    • Get set up with XSEDE
    • Make sure you can build MPI code
    • Check in on each other
  • Proj 2 is posted (due 2 wk)
    • One more “regular” project after this
    • Most meetings for next two weeks go to project
    • Plan is to use lectures as drop-in OH
  • Slides for next two weeks: numerical LA
    • Do try to keep up with slides!
    • I will answer questions about these in OH, too

Final projects

  • Goal: Understand/improve performance on code of interest
    • Could be single-core tuning
    • Could be parallelization
    • Could be an algorithm investigation
    • Or more! Just ask!
  • Great if it is applicable to your research
    • Also fine if it is completely different
  • Main outcome is a report
    • Great if it is at a conference paper level
    • But this is not necessary for success
  • Teams of 1-3, your choosing
  • Idea: advertise your project idea on Piazza
  • If you want ideas, ask me

Intro to the waves code

  • Show off pictures and discuss physics
  • Discuss building and running codes
  • Walk through of code structure