Warm-up with Menti (5 minutes)

Question of the day on Menti:

  • What programming languages do you use most often?

Logistics (5 minutes)

  • State of the class and homework 0
  • GCP email
  • Class Github organization
  • Homework 1

Walk-through: GCP project setup (20 minutes)

  • How to access the cloud console
  • How to start a new project
  • How to access the cloud shell

Walk-through: HW 1 (15 minutes)

  • Getting git set up on cloud shell
  • Forking and pulling the demos repository
  • Examine the code
  • Building and running the code
  • Adding results and pushing to the repo

Breakout groups (25 minutes)

Walk through the questions in the README for the centroid demo.

Report out (5 minutes)