Zoom and Canvas

The Zoom meeting was set up well in advance, but was not properly imported to Canvas until I realized my goof this morning. My apologies!

Warm-up with Menti (10 minutes)

Several people arrived a few minutes late, whether because of the hour or because of not figuring out the Zoom link. While we waited for people to join, we asked two questions with Menti:

  • Where are you now?
  • What are your majors (past and present)?

Thanks to those who showed up from awkward time zones! I hope it was worth it.

Logistics slides (30 minutes)

Breakout (20 minutes breakout + 15 minutes report-in)

  1. Ice breaker:
    • What do you go by (name, pronouns)?
    • Your background
    • Two truths and a lie
  2. Questions about your computing hardware
    • How many cores on your phones?
    • How many cores on your laptop/desktops?
    • How many cores in the latest NVidia card?
    • How many cores in the biggest EC2 instance you can find?
  3. Look at top500.org, and study machine n on the list (for group n)
    • What are the peak, Linpack, and HPCG flop rates?
    • What is the energy use and cooling mechanism?
    • What are the individual processors?

After the breakout, we went through the nine groups, and a representative from each said what they discovered. Several were surprised to find that their phones had more cores than their laptops, and most were impressed at the size of modern supercomputers. Some groups made it through all the questions; some did not.


  • CMS has now been set up (for those enrolled)
  • Apparently the waitlist persists during add/drop, but we have capacity