CS 5220

Applications of Parallel Computers

Prof David Bindel

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Slide logistics

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  • Narration via the audio-slideshow plugin
  • Press the S key to open speaker notes for a text version of the narration.


  • Initial enrollment was restricted to non-CIS majors
  • Plenty of room for the waitlist
  • Plenty of room generally, and open add/drop
  • Please do not register for a formal audit

Course community

  • A class is not just the lectures and HW!
  • We want group interaction
  • This can be synchronous or asynchronous
  • Several things planned, will adapt as we go

Course community

The typical mix of 5220 students includes:

  • CS undergrad and MEng students (and a few PhD)
  • PhD students from other disciplines

This means we assume you will:

  • Know a C family languages.
  • Not know some background.
  • Be a teacher and a learner.

Course meeting

  • Main meeting: TR 8:00-9:30
  • I will help coordinate alternate meetings, too
  • This is not about lecture (class is flipped)
  • Goal is discussion and small group activities
  • We may also do some programming together!
  • Zoom recordings posted to Canvas

Course buddies

  • Role: Make sure nobody falls through cracks
  • One or two buddies per student
  • You can nominate, if you know people
  • I may also do some buddy assignments

Project groups

  • Most course work is done in small groups
  • We will assign groups for initial projects
  • Final project is at your discretion
  • Active collaboration and pair programming are encouraged!

Collaboration and AI

  • 5220 is supposed to be collaborative!
  • Want you to use online resources effectively
  • But for academic integrity: cite!

Information systems

Homework Zero

  1. Your netid
  2. How you like to be called
  3. Your background (degree program, major, etc)
  4. Whether you can make the main meeting time
  5. What times might work for you for synchronous meetings (with the class or project groups)
  6. Any proposed "course buddies"
  7. What you hope to get out of the course
  8. Any concerns you have at this point

Good luck!