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13. Multithreading

Most of you will write your games using a single thread of execution. But sometimes performance constraints demand we add another thread. This is not as hard as you think it is.    Details ›

March 6, 2024 slides no demos

12. Game Audio

Simple audio in CUGL is pretty straight forward if you look at the code demos. But as we show in this lecture, CUGL is capable of so much more, provided that you understand how game audio works.    Details ›

March 4, 2024 slides no demos

11. Mobile Networking

Game networking is a complicated topic. But as we show in this lecture, it is possible in this course provided that you have the proper scope, and the proper support libraries.    Details ›

February 23, 2024 slides demos

10. Graphics Pipeline

Everyone loves custom shaders. But how do you integrate them into CUGL and how do you get data to the shader. In this lecture we talk about how graphics works in CUGL and how you can extend it to produce cool effects.    Details ›

February 21, 2024 slides demos

9. Mobile Memory

Even though we have moved most of the C++ lectures online, there are some technical details that are of interest to everyone. In particular, there are special issues regarding memory that we need to be aware of when working on mobile devices.    Details ›

February 19, 2024 slides demos