Open Beta Report

This two week-report covers what you did to get ready for open beta release. This report will have exactly the same format of the previous one. First, it is a summary of the work that you did in order to get your game to beta complete. Second, it is a retrospective on how good your predictions for your beta release were. Finally, it is a prediction of the amount of work you will need to do to reach your next milestones.

Table of Contents

Progress Report

This report will have exactly the same format as those that you submitted for the closed beta release. First of all, the report should begin with a short description of what the entire group did for this release. For example, what work was required for the store page proposal, and how did you approach it?

Activity Breakdown

Next you need to break down the work for each member of your team. For each team member you need to create a subsection. At the start of the subsection should be a short description of the primary responsbilities of that team member over the course of this prototype. This needs be no longer than a paragraph.

After this paragraph, give a bulleted list of each activity which this team member was involved in. Remember to include the hours worked. Do not be ashamed of how much you worked. We never count off for not working “enough” hours. However, hours give us an idea of who is being productive and who is not. This gives us something to refer to when we look at the final peer reviews.

Finally, give a short (one paragraph) assessment of whether these activities were a valuable usage of time. If not, what could that team member have been doing instead?

Productivity Analysis

Once you have detailed all of your activities, you should make comparisons to your projections from your previous two week report. Did you do what you said that you were going to do, or did you do something else? In particular, you should report the following:

  • What took more time than you expected?
  • What took less time than you expected?
  • How does this effect responsibilities for the final sprint?

You can either do this as a section following the activity breakdown, or within the breakdown. If you put it in the breakdown, that means this assessment needs to be person-by-person, instead of for the group overall.

Milestone Predictions

Once you have finished the report for this release, you should layout your plans for the final sprint: Showcase. For the most part, this sprint is whatever you need to do finish the game. In addition, Final Document Portfolio is part of this last push. We are not going to give you much structure other than this. Do what you need to do.

As always, you should try to predict the number of hours that each person will spend on each activity. The format for the predictions should be exactly the same format as the activity breakdown. That is, have a subsection for each team member. For each person, give a short description of their primary responsbility. Then give a bulleted list of activities with hours.


Due: Sat, May 04 at 11:59 PM

You should submit a PDF file called report. Again, we ask that the file be a PDF so that we cannot annotate it in order to return it to you with feedback for possible revision. It is fine if you create the document in a program like Microsoft Word, but you should convert it to PDF before submission.