Two-Week Sprint

Alpha Release

We have posted the instructions for all assignments in the current sprint.

The primary focus of this sprint is the alpha release. As we like to say, this is effectively the course midterm. You need to have the major elements of your code complete, and you should have one playable level. The presentation format will be very similar to technical prototype. This means we will be playtesting on the Wednesday, so everyone must have something available at that time.

To prepare you for this sprint, we are spending the week before hand thinking about level design. Traditionally, we would have had lectures on level design at the start of the week, with a level design critique on Friday. You would use this critique going into your alpha presentation.

However, everything has been disrupted by the family emergency. So we obviously cannot have in-person lectures this year. Instead these days will be replaced by workdays, meaning that class will be open office hours for you to come in an ask questions. It is also a guaranteed time that your team is all available to meet, so you can all get together and work on the game.

With that said, the level design critique will proceed as normal. We will take attendance as usual.

There are no new documents for this sprint. Instead, you will spend your time working on the second drafts of all of the existing documents. As we are still working on getting you feedback on the last two documents, these deadlines have been extended to the end of the sprint.