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cugl::CoreGestureEvent Class Reference

#include <CUCoreGesture.h>

Public Member Functions

 CoreGestureEvent ()
 CoreGestureEvent (const Timestamp &start)
 CoreGestureEvent (const CoreGestureEvent &event)
void clear ()

Public Attributes

Timestamp start
Timestamp now
CoreGestureType type
Vec2 origPosition
Vec2 currPosition
float origSpread
float currSpread
float origAngle
float currAngle

Detailed Description

This simple class is a struct to hold a core gesture event.

A core gesture is a gesture with duration. Hence this event stores information about the start of the event, as well as the current status of the event.

A core gesture contains three bits of information: the position of the fingers (computed as the average), the distance spread between the fingers, and the current angle of the line between the two fingers. All three values are continually updated regardless of the gesture type.

The gesture type is initially CoreGestureType#NONE, but transitions to one of the other types when a threshold is passed. The threshold limits are defined in CoreGesture.

The value of pan and pinch events is typically measured in pixels, as it is assumed that the touch device is also the display (e.g. most mobile devices). However, in situtations where that is not the case (e.g. MacBook trackpad), the values will be measured assuming the touch device is a unit square. In that case all pan positions are (0,0) to (1,1), while all pinch spreads are 0 to sqrt(2).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CoreGestureEvent() [1/3]

cugl::CoreGestureEvent::CoreGestureEvent ( )

Constructs a new gesture event with the default values

◆ CoreGestureEvent() [2/3]

cugl::CoreGestureEvent::CoreGestureEvent ( const Timestamp start)

Constructs a new gesture event with the given timestamps

startThe initial timestamp

◆ CoreGestureEvent() [3/3]

cugl::CoreGestureEvent::CoreGestureEvent ( const CoreGestureEvent event)

Constructs a new gesture event that is a copy of the given one

eventThe event to copy

Member Function Documentation

◆ clear()

void cugl::CoreGestureEvent::clear ( )

Clears the contents of this gesture event

Member Data Documentation

◆ currAngle

float cugl::CoreGestureEvent::currAngle

The current angle of the gesture

◆ currPosition

Vec2 cugl::CoreGestureEvent::currPosition

The current position of the gesture

◆ currSpread

float cugl::CoreGestureEvent::currSpread

The current finger separation of the gesture

◆ now

Timestamp cugl::CoreGestureEvent::now

The current time of the gesture

◆ origAngle

float cugl::CoreGestureEvent::origAngle

The initial angle of the gesture

◆ origPosition

Vec2 cugl::CoreGestureEvent::origPosition

The initial position of the gesture

◆ origSpread

float cugl::CoreGestureEvent::origSpread

The initial finger separation of the gesture

◆ start

Timestamp cugl::CoreGestureEvent::start

The starting time of the gesture

◆ type

CoreGestureType cugl::CoreGestureEvent::type

The gesture type

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