Revision Workshop

Today’s discussion should be spent on one of two activities. You should either work on your document revisions, or prepare for the level design critique at the end of the week. Which one you work on is up to you.

Document Revisions

If you want to get a head start on the week, you may want to spend time revising your documents. You have four documents so far.

By now you have received feedback on all two of these documents. We are working on getting the other two back to you, but there may be delays due to the events of this week. We hope to have comments on those documents soon. We suggest that you bring what you have so far so that you can talk to the course staff about what you can do to address the problems we pointed out.

Level Design Critique

Friday’s class is a critique session to help you come up with level design ideas. There is no formal presentation for the day. Technically, you could just make up ideas on Friday. But the more thought that you put into your ideas, the better our critique will be. So if you are happy with your documents and want to spend time preparing for the critique, you may.

Remember that we do not want you to come up with full-featured levels. Right now, we just want you to come up with several design patterns for your challenges. Review the level design lecture if you cannot remember what these are. We would like at least one of those patterns to be a composite pattern on top of a basic pattern.