CS514: Intermediate Computer Systems

Spring 2008: Professor Ken Birman

MW   1010-1125A;  Upson 205 (We’re leaving you free on Thursday and Friday to reduce the disruption associated with travel for job interviews and the like).

Spring calendar information for 2008:

Instruction Begins


January 21

Spring Break Begins, 1:10 PM


March 15

Instruction Resumes, 7:30 AM


March 24

Last Day of Classes


May 3

Primary course TA: Krzys Ostrowski, with additional help from Jong Hoon Ahn

Course News (last updated January 28, 2008):


  1. Assignment 1: Due February 15.

  2. Assignment 2: Due March 7.

  3. Assignment 3: Due May 9.


Course Overview and Organization.

Lecture times, teaching staff, office hours, prerequisites, assignments and grading policy.


Topic Outline.

High-level listing of topics to be covered along with recommended readings.

Slide Sets

Learning C# and Visual Studio