CS 502
Architecture of Web Information Systems and Digital Libraries
Spring 2002

Readings and References

General Readings on Digital Libraries and Distributed Information


Online Periodicals

Useful web sites

Examples of Digital Libraries and Electronic Publishing

Cornell University

The rest of the world


Most lectures in the syllabus have assigned readings that students are expected to study in preparation for the discussion section immediately following the lecture.

Part I.  The ends of the spectrum - libraries and the web

Jan. 22
Jan. 24
Jan. 29

Part II.  Documents, content, and data

Jan. 31
Feb. 5
Feb. 7
Feb. 12
Feb 14

Part III.  Metadata: data about data

Feb. 19
Feb 21
Feb. 26
Feb. 28

Part IV.  Information Discovery

Mar. 5
Mar. 7
Mar. 12
Mar. 14

Part V.  Interoperability

Mar. 26
Mar. 28

Part VI. Rights Management

Apr. 2
Apr. 4

Part VII. Longevity

Apr. 9
Apr. 11

Part VIII. Special Digital Libraries

Apr. 16
Apr. 18 NO CLASS
Apr. 23

Part IX. Scholarly Communication

Apr. 25
Apr. 30

Part X. Wrap Up

May 2


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