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Software Engineering
Spring 2005

Project Suggestion: Automatic TeX System

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Automatic TeX System

The Physics ePrint archive, http://archiv.org, is the world's premier scientific ePrint repository. Physicists and researchers in related fields use it as a place to deposit preprints of their research papers in the archive for circulation to colleagues. It is managed by a combined team from Cornell University Library and Information Science.

A reason for the success of the archive is the automated tools that have been developed. One of these is a system called AutoTex to automatically convert TeX (and related) source code files to PDF, Postscript and other display formats. The goal of this project is to make AutoTex an open source project to improve interoperability with our partners and recruit TeX experts in our user community towards maintaining it.

This project will involve disentangling AutoTex from our system, producing a stand-alone product which can be deployed into our production system without modification. We've found that fit and finish are critical factors for the success of an open source project: Good documentation and a simple install procedure help are a key in getting people involved.

This project will develop the testing and configuration management skills essential for commercial software development, but will also involve the special challenges of open source development: student developers will initiate and operate a public CVS repository on
sourceforge.net and will need to comply with open source licensing terms.

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