CS 501
Software Engineering
Fall 2000


Basic Information

The Teaching Assistants do not have scheduled office hours but are available to help you by email.  Please send all message about the course to the Instructor and all Teaching Assistants: (wya@cs.cornell.edu, hopkik@cs.cornell.edu, ys44@cornell.edu, andre@cs.cornell.edu).


Notices about the course are posted on the course web site.  Check the Notices page regularly for current information.

Course Topics and Goals

Assumed Background


Computing Laboratory

Assignments and Grading

The course has four major projects assignments, three of which include presentations.  These assignments will include both group work and individual work.  There will be a midterm and a final examination. The weightings given to these components are expected to be as follows, but these weightings may be changed:

Individual project assignments20%
Group project assignments40%
Midterm examination20%
Final examination20%


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William Y. Arms

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