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Course Staff

Communication with the staff is best done through the staff mailing list,

Instructors:   Christoph Kreitz
4158 Upson Hall
Office Hours: Thu 2:30-3:30pm
Riccardo Pucella
5151 Upson Hall
Office Hours: Tue 2:30-3:30pm
Teaching Assistant: TBA


CS 280 (hence 211); solid mathematics; preferably an algebra course (know about rings, polynomials); knowledge of functional programming (preferably Scheme, Lisp, or ML).


8 homework assignments (± 2), possibly some using the Nuprl system; quizzes; Final exam; small project, using computer system or library research.

Homework Policies

Cornell University has a Code of Academic Integrity, with which you should be familiar. Violations of this code are treated very seriously by Cornell and can have long-term repercussions. In this course, you are encouraged to discuss the content of the course with other students, and you may also discuss homework problems with other students. However, you must do your own work, and if you discuss a problem with another student, you are expected to document this fact in your write-up. It is a violation of the code to copy work, including programs, from other students; it is also a violation to use solutions to homework problems from previous iterations of the same course. Note that Cornell holds responsible for the code violation both the recipient and the donor of improper information.



  • First-Order Logic, by Raymond M. Smullyan


  • Introduction to Logic, by Patrick Suppes
  • Popular Lectures on Mathematical Logic, by Hao Wang
  • First Course in Mathematical Logic, by Patrick Suppes and Shirley Hill