Mar 31: Revised notes for lectures 15 to 18 posted

Mar 29: Sixth homework posted, due April 7.

Mar 28: Missing notes for lectures 15 and 16 posted

Mar 15: Solutions to homework 3 posted.

Mar 15: Extended notes of lectures 13/14 posted.

Mar 15: Fifth homework posted, due Mar 31.

Mar 08: Lecture notes up to lecture 18 are online.
Notes for lectures 15/16 still have to be written

Mar 04: Fourth homework posted, due Mar 15.

Feb 21: Third homework posted, due Mar 03.

Feb 15: Lecture notes up to lecture 12 are online.

Feb 11: Lecture notes up to lecture 6 are online.

Feb 11: Second homework posted, due Feb 17.

Feb 4: Lecture notes up to lecture 4 are online. Apologies for the delay.

Feb 3: First homework posted, due Feb 10. Notes from the last lectures should be up by tomorrow morning.

Jan 26: Notes from first lecture are up; also updated the schedule with a rough dates guide.