Computer Science 4820

Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

Cornell University, Spring 2012


Staff and Office Hours

Staff and Office Hours

CS 4820 STAFF Name Email Phone Office Hours

Bobby Kleinberg

rdk2 255-9200 4138 Upson Mon. 3-4
Thurs. 11-12
TAs Ashir Amer aa557   328 Upson Thurs. 6-7
Boris Burkov bb393   328 Upson Tues. 5-6
Costandino Dufort Moraites cdm82   328 Upson Weds. 6-7
David Goff dhg57   328 Upson TBA
Eunsol Choi ec472   328 Upson Tues. 1-2
Gautam “G” Kamath gck43   328 Upson Weds. 12:15-1:15
Greg Zecchini gez3   328 Upson Thurs. 4:30-5:30
Hyung-Chan An ha75   328 Upson TBA
Harry Terkelsen het32   328 Upson TBA
Hu Fu hf88   328 Upson TBA
Jiho Chang jc936   328 Upson Weds. 1:15-2:15
Katie Lee Meusling kam373   328 Upson Weds. 4-5
Kyu-Young Kim kyk8   328 Upson Thurs. 12-1
Lior Seeman lbs73   328 Upson TBA
Nick Alessi naa34   328 Upson Thurs. 1-2
Course Administrator Maria Witlox mpr13 255-3133 4146 Upson

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The official prerequisites for the course are CS 280/2800 and 312/3110.