CS482 Assignments

Picking Up Assignments:  Assignments should be submitted in class, before lecture starts.  Graded assignments and exams will be handed back in class, otherwise you can pick them up from the instructors during their office hours.  You may not pick up your friends' homework for them.

Regrades:  If you feel you have been marked unjustly, you may submit a regrade request to one of the staff within a week of receiving the item in question. There are regrade forms outside Upson 303. You should give them the item to be regraded, as well as a sufficient explanation as to why you think you were wronged. Keep in mind that your mark can go up OR down (or stay the same).


Assignments Subject Issued Date Solutions
Assignment 1 Matchings & Graphs    July 9 July 14 solutions
Assignment 2 Greedy & MSTs July 13  July 16 solutions
Assignment 3 Divide & Conquer July 16 July 20 solutions
Assignment 4 Dynamic Programming July 19 July 23 solutions
Assignment 5 Network Flows (shorter) July 27 August 2 solutions
Assignment 6 Network Flows (longer) July 29 August 4 solutions
Assignment 7 NP Completeness August 3 August 10 solutions
Assignment 8 Special Cases of NP & Approximation Algorithms August 12 August 18 solutions
Assignment 9 Probabilistic & Online Algorithms   August 16     August 19    solutions