Introduction to Analysis of Algorithms

Computer Science 482
Spring 2000

Basic Info:


Getting in touch with us

To reach us electronically, please mail the course account

Office Hours


Extra copies of handouts will be kept in 303 Upson, and on the racks outside. We will post some of the handouts to the course home page.

  • Typographical Errors in the Course Packet.

  • Approximate Syllabus.

  • Some Thoughts on 482 Homework.

  • Problem Set 1 (due 2/4).

  • Problem Set 2 (due 2/11).

  • Problem Set 3 (due 2/18).

  • Review Questions for Prelim 1 on Feb. 24.

  • Problem Set 4 (due 3/10).

  • Problem Set 5 (due 3/27).

  • Problem Set 6 (due 4/3).

  • Review Questions for Prelim 2 on April 11.

  • Problem Set 7 (due 4/24).

  • Problem Set 8 (due 5/3).

  • Review Questions for Final Exam on May 12.


    For the first time this semester, we will be using a draft of a book by Jon Kleinberg and Eva Tardos, which we developed while teaching last year's version of CS 482. It is available at the Campus Store.

    Although the book is organized around the structure of the course, we will still cover things in lecture that are not written down there; there are also things in the book that we will not cover. The content of the lectures forms the material that you are responsible for knowing in the course.

    An optional book for the course, which has a lot of material, is

    It is on reserve in the Engineering Library. Other useful books, also on reserve in the Engineering Library, are


    The official prerequisites for the course are CS 280 and 381/481.

    Prelims and Final


    There will be weekly homework sets, generally due on Fridays. Homework should be handed in in lecture, at the end of class, on the day it is due.

    Academic Integrity

    You are expected to maintain the utmost level of academic integrity in the course. Any violation of the code of academic integrity will be penalized severely.

    You are allowed to collaborate on the homework to the extent of formulating ideas as a group. However, you must write up the solutions to each problem set completely on your own. You must also list the names of everyone that you discussed the problem set with.