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Project Logistics and Details.

Previous year's projects: Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012.

Spring 2013 Projects

  • You Shall Not Pass! Robotic Sentry with Friend or Foe Identification System, Alessandro Farsi, Le Zhang, Kenneth Pu. [PDF]
  • Robot Learning: Beer Pong Butler, Kimberly Sheriff, Brian Toth. [PDF, video]
  • Autonomous Grocery Bagging Robot, Brian Orecchio and Benjamin Allardet-Servent.
  • ScrubBot: An Approach Towards Learning Stains, Anthony Chen and Detian Shi.
  • Identification, Classification, and Disposal of Desktop Trash with the PR2, Alex Ngai (asn54) and Chonggang Li.
  • Robo-Librarian: Sliding-Grasping Task, Adao Henrique Ribeiro Justo Filho, Rei Suzuki. [PDF]
  • Mail Recognition and Delivery in a Mailroom Setting, Kenneth Deakins.
  • Mimicking Human Activities for Serving Food Using Object Affordances, Saugata Bose.