CS4740 (etc.) Fall 2022
Staff; Office Hours

Staff and communication channels other than office hours

What follows is a "decision tree", or ordered list; please read the items in order!

  1. Questions about the class that can be asked and answered publicly? (You may not post any portions of your code publicly.)
    Post to Ed Stem, our course Q&A forum.
    Don't worry: you can choose to be anonymous to your classmates (but not the course staff) there!
    The entire course staff collectively monitors Ed Discussion, including the...
    • TAs: John Chung, Chenxin Fang, Tushaar Gangavarapu, John R. Starr, Shaden Shaar, Renee Shen, Meghana Srivastava, Ruizhe Wang, Han Xia, Fangcong Yin, Heather Zheng
  2. Questions about your specific code for an assignment? Please do not send code questions by email.
  3. Time-sensitive, class-wide matter that anyone on course staff might be able to help with? (e.g., "There's no TA or instructor at the 2:30 office hours";
    Email . This reaches all the TAs.
  4. Time-sensitive and individual matters that should be handled exclusively by the instructors? (e.g., "I'm sick and need an extension and it's the night an assignment is due") Email . (Please do not email the instructor(s) individually or personally; it is important to keep all course communication in one place.)
  5. For certain specific matters explicitly mentioned in class or this website, you may need to contact the Course Administrative Assistant: Lacy Jordaens (NetID LSL92).

Office hours: schedule and sign-up are at QueueMeIn

At office hours, you can ask any questions about the course, including questions about your individual code.

Office hours are now being managed/displayed (mostly) on QueueMeIn. Via QueueMeIn, you can see your position in the queue and an approximate waiting time.
Unfortunate truths:

You can also book individual appointments with Professor Lee ahead of time, which are managed by YouCanBookMe instead of QueueMeIn. (But don't worry, Prof. Lee and Prof. van Schijndel's joint regularly-scheduled office hours are on QueueMeIn.)

QueueMeIn instructions for our class

Do this if you aren't the only person/group in the room.