Lecture Notes and Assigned Readings

Date Lecture Topic and Handouts



Thur 8/24 Introduction (.pdf) Jurafsky & Martin (J&M), chapter 1  
Tue 8/29 Lexical semantics (.pdf) J&M: 16.1; 16.2; 16.4  
Thur 8/31 Word sense disambiguation I (.pdf)    
Tue 9/5 Word sense disambiguation II:
supervised learning methods (.pdf)
J&M: 17.1-17.2.
For a description of the relevant background material on probability theory, see Manning and Schuetze 2.1.1-2.1.3
Paper critique due.
Thur 9/7 WSD evaluations (.pdf)    
Tue 9/12 SENSEVAL and Intro to the noisy channel model (.pdf)    
Thur 9/14 Pronunciation variation via the noisy channel model (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 5.1-5.8  
Tue 9/19 Introduction to Language Modeling (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 6.1-6.2  
Thur 9/21 n-gram language models; part-of-speech tagging intro (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 8.1-8.4, 8.6  
Tue 9/26 HMM's for POS tagging (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 8.5-8.8.  The Viterbi algorithm is explained in Chapter 7. Paper critique due.
Thur 9/28  
Tue 10/3 Smoothing (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 6.3-6.6 WSD assignment due.
Thur 10/5  
Tue 10/10

Fall Break (no class)

Thur 10/12 Introduction to Parsing (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 9  
Tue 10/17 Parsing algorithms (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 10 Paper critique due.
Thur 10/19 Chart parsing example (.pdf)
Tue 10/24

***in-class MIDTERM***
practice test and solutions

Thur 10/26 Partial parsing (.pdf)   POS tagging mini deadline.
Tue 10/31 midterm de-briefing    
Thur 11/2 The Earley Algorithm; Intro to Probabilistic Parsing (.pdf)
Earley algorithm example (.pdf)
  POS tagging assignment due.
Tue 11/7 Parsing with PCFG’s (.pdf) and Intro to Question Answering (.pdf)

J&M, Chapter 12.

The TREC Question Answering Track, Ellen Voorhees. Natural Language Engineering 1:1. 2001.

Thur 11/9 Question Answering (.pdf) (pdf, part 2)    
Tue 11/14
Thur 11/16 Reference Resolution (.pdf) J&M, Chapter 18  
Tue 11/21

Thanksgiving Break (no class)

  QA intermediate report due.
Thur 11/24

Thanksgiving Break (no class)

Tue 11/28 Machine learning for reference resolution (no slides)    
Thur 11/30

Pragmatics and the problem of inference (.pdf)

  QA final report due. [No late penalty through Monday, Dec 4, 11:59p.m.]
Weds 12/6

Final Examination
7-9:30 p.m.
Olin Hall 245

practice test