CS 4700: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2017


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--- Notes for midterm prep here. (pdf)

Lecture Slides

  1. Course admin (pdf)

  2. The Emergence of Intelligent Machines (pdf)

  3. History and Milestones (pdf)

  4. Problem Solving and Search: Uninformed Search (pdf)

  5. Informed Search (pdf)

  6. Agent Systems: Adversarial Search (pdf)

  7. Local Search (pdf)

  8. Knowl. Repr. and Reasoning: SAT encodings (pdf)

  9. Knowl. Repr. and Reasoning: Entailment and Proof Theory (pdf)

  10. Knowl. Repr. and Reasoning: Inference (pdf)

  11. Knowl. Repr. and Reasoning: First-Order (pdf)

  12. Big Picture slide (pdf)

  13. Intermezzo: Reflections on semantics, NLP, commonsense, and deep learning (pdf)

  14. Machine Learning: Intro & Decision Trees (pdf)

  15. ML: Generalization & Overfitting (pdf)

  16. ML: Neural Nets intro (pdf)

  17. ML: Neural Nets --- Perceptrons (additional) (pdf)

  18. ML: Neural Nets --- Backpropagation (pdf)