CS 4700: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence

Fall 2012


1) Topics: all material up-to-and-including CSPs. (Parts I --- AI, and II --- Problem-Solving of the book. I.e., chapters 1 through 6 (including), R&N 3rd edition.)

2) Use slides as study guide but also read relevant sections in R&N.

3) Study home works and solutions (questions will be of a similar nature).

4) You can bring one two-sided sheet of notes to the midterm.


Lecture Slides

  1. Introduction

  2. Agents

  3. Search1

  4. Search2

  5. Local Search

  6. Adversarial Search (Part I)

  7. Adversarial Search (Part II)

  8. Constraint Satisfaction Problems

  9. SAT Phase Transitions & Local Search

  10. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (Part I) Large file. pdf version (for math symbols)

  11. Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (Part II) pdf version (for math symbols)

  12. Intro Machine Learning (see also A few useful things to know about machine learning.)

  13. Decision Tree Learning

  14. PAC Learning

  15. Neural Networks Without video. (recent NYT article is here, advances in deep learning)