CS 468 Final Projects

Instructor: Kavita Bala

Cornell University

The final project for CS 468 was to produce a 3D game incorporating the major topics from the course. This web page showcases the students' results, in arbitrary order.

Thumbnail Game Title Description Creators Award
Windmill Man Adventures Features Bloom effect post-processing, terrain deformed by mine explosions, procedually textured terrain, and gaussian blur underwater. Don Holden, Yi Xu Top Prize!
Ming the Merciless Shoot a giant floating head suspended in midair. Features chromatic dispersion of refracted light, a spring-mass water system, and flaming torch es. Brad Mancke, Seth Katzman Technical Achievement
Happy Ball Explore your environment with a bouncy ball. The ball deforms with a squash-and-stretch animation, and the game effects include collisions with other bouncy balls, collisions with the branches of a weeping willow, dynamically deformable normal maps, and a spring-mass water system. Jeffrey Peng, Sally Huang Honorable Mention
Cyber Monster Truck Drive a monster truck along an infinite cylinder in space, avoiding obstacles as you go. Complete with tons of particles flying around, spring-mass particles, and Level of Detail texture and normal maps. Alex Chao, Dmitri Beskrovny Honorable Mention
Space Battle Blow up planets and asteroids with your ship in outer space. Features pretty particle effects, dynamicly generated global forces, a refraction shader, and a twinkling star field. Daniel Lepage, Elie Shin
Racing Race your smoke-spewing car around a course. Features water reflections and splashing, camera-induced transparency of foreground objects blocking the car, and rigid body dynamics for the car. Calen Pennington, Greg Soltis
Smoke Ball Consume objects with your smoke ball to grow in size, a la Katamari Damacy. Grow large enough to consume the giant Christmas tree to win! Features a smoke ball that leaves smoke trails, objects that disinegrate into particles when consumed, and view frustum culling to handle the huge number of triangles in the scene. David Bromberg, Jessica Frank
Naval Battle Command your ships in a tactical naval simulation. Features procedurally generated terrain, water reflections, ship wakes, and particle explosions. Jing Hu, Sascha Adler
Castle Features bump-mapped water, water reflections, a volcano, and ambient occlusion. Dmitriy Komin, Warren Wilson
Megaman Make Megaman run, jump, dash, and shoot! Features procedurally textured terrain and an animated Megaman that you can move around the map. Gordon Szebenyi, Yi Wei
Image Unavailable
Procedural City Fly your ship around a randomly generated cityscape. Features procedurally generated buildings. Yu Tak Ting, Vikram Nerurkar
Lava Pit Explore a lava pit. Features Perlin-noise textured brushed metal, and a spring-mass lava. Chris John, Dora Fraeman
Pacman Maze Find and kill Pacman's nemesis, the ghost! Except this time, Pacman can shoot fireballs. Seidel Lopez
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