Old Announcements

4/16/04: Slides from Andrew Butts' Animation lecture are linked on the schedule website, and here.

4/12/04: PA2.A FAQ has been updated. In short, there will be no code update, but clarifications about projective texturing and coordinate frames have been posted there.

4/10/04: PA 4 and its FAQ page are now on-line.

4/10/04: PA 3 and ideas for games and features are now on-line.

4/7/04: HW 4 is now on-line. Check the FAQ page for updates

4/7/04: PA2.(a) description is on-line, with source code is in CMS. Be sure to read the included Readme file as well.

3/15/04: There will be a review session at 7:00 PM in Rhodes 453 on Wednesday, 3/17. We will go over the homework solutions, and go over important topics for the exam.

3/10/04: HW 3 FAQ has been updated.

3/10/04: PA 2 FAQ has been updated.

3/5/04: HW 3 is out.

3/4/04:  The Prelim will be given IN CLASS on Thursday 3/18/04. A review session will be scheduled prior to the exam and announced here.

3/4/04: PA 2 has been posted. It's FAQ now has content too.

3/3/04: The HW 2 FAQ has been updated.

2/25/04: HW 2 is out, and *UPDATED* with new numbers in problem (A)

2/16/04: HW 1 has been updated slightly. Check the FAQ for details.

2/11/04: PA 1 is on-line. Check the FAQ for updates regularly.

2/4/04: There will be 468 lecture on Friday, 2/6/04, in Rhodes 453 from 2:30 - 3:20

1/26/04: Welcome to CS 467!

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