CS 468 Final Projects

Instructor: Kavita Bala

Cornell University

The final project for CS 468 was to produce a 3D game incorporating the major topics from the course. This web page showcases the students' results, in arbitrary order.

Thumbnail Game Title Description Creators Award
Hamster Game Control a hamster in a plastic ball in its quest to collect cheese and avoid mousetraps. Features reflections with fresnel effects, keyframe animation, advances particle physics and 3D collision detection. Masato Ikura, Victor Kwok TOP PRIZE
Gorched Command a hovering tank, avoiding and destroying an enemy. Features deformable bump-mapped multitextured terrain, reflective water, depth-based fog and particle explosions Alvin Law, Alex Liberman Honorable Mention
Bomberman 3D 3D Accelerated version of classic Bomberman: 2 player head-to-head strategic combat! Features NURB-based models, shadowmapping, and particle explosions. Victor Wang, Cheuk Lee Honorable Mention
Save the Forest Rid the forest of a trash can and its inhabitant using a large turret. Features deformable terrain with dynamic textures, particle explosions and smoke, shadowmapping, spherical sky map, and  realistic projectile physics. Anne Jorstad, Brendan Rehon
Spider Swing from building to building of a generated city. Features custom city generation, multiple camera views, movement using Verlet integration, and procedurally generated clouds with time-based dynamic lighting. Andrew Yao, Johnny Fong
Devil Pig Hunter Destroy several demonic pigs by shooting arrows. Features multitextured terrain generation, water effects, dynamic weather, and keyframe animation. Theodore Chao, Yu Jye Foo
Bubble Break Fire darts at bubbles to display video clips and advance levels. Features thin-film shaded bubbles, triangulated breakable spheres, video texturing, and level data parser. Bri Lance, Nathan Mullenax
Fountain Quest Traverse a maze in an effort to collect items and reach the fountain. Features bumpmapping, particle systems, objects with deforming vertices, and custom shaders. Stephanie Judd, Kevin Rhee
Asteroid Avoid Shoot the oncoming asteroids while avoiding them and their debris. Features particle system, custom models, and 2D accelerated (uniform grid) collision detection. Sanders Baik, Theodore Tang
Asteroid Explorer Identify and destroy the special asteroid. Features particle systems for asteroids and explosions, variable asteroid tesselation, and 3D accelerated (octree) collision detection. Jason Li, Stephanie Moy
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