Ray II test scenes

Here are two archives containing some meshes and some example input files.

Approximate example results are shown below. (They are not completely correct; for example the shadows of glass are dark.) We emphasize that these are just examples, and they do not test any extension features, nor even just the standard features. You are responsible for submitting test input and output with your ray tracer that provide evidence that your program implements the requirements correctly.

There is another mesh model that isn't shown below, and many of the meshes are available with and without normals.

glass ball: A glass sphere positioned in front of a grid. A useful test for refraction but not internal reflection, which cannot happen in a sphere.
squished spheres: A test of transformations, with transformed spheres made in three ways: a transformed sphere, a transformed sphere-shaped mesh, and an ellipsoid-shaped mesh. They should all look the same, except for triangle approximation artifacts.
tableau: A scene with 110,000 triangles to test acceleration and meshes.
tableau (glass): Change the buddha to the glass material as a stress test for multiple reflections and refractions.
prism: A scene with a prism that exhibits total internal reflection on the inside of the hypotenuse. In the top part of the image you see past the prism to the red ball, and in the bottom part you see the blue ball reflected.
prism (overhead): The other camera and material in the file will give you this overhead view of the setup.