CS465 Program 3: Pipeline


Remarks on setting up the framework

The setup for this assignment is somewhat similar to the last one.

pipeline  <--- eclipse project root
data <--- mesh and texture files that this assignment uses
jars <--- Java library files
lib <--- native OpenGL library files
src <--- code, including what you need to write

Make sure jogl.jar and vecmath.jar are on your build path. You can do this by right clicking on the project, selecting “Build Path -> Configure Build Path...” Go to the Libraries tab, and you should see jogl.jar and vecmath.jar listed. If not, hit “Add Jars...” and find these files within the jars directory of the handout code.

You will also need to set the Java library path so that it can find the appropriate DLLs. This can be done from the “Run...” menu. In the Arguments tab add the following line to the VM Arguments pane:

or whatever is appropriate for your architecture, if you're not using Windows.

Note that this framework uses a different version of the jogl library than the model assignment. The jogl.jar and libraries we distributed with that assignment will not work for this assignment.