CS4620/5620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621/5621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2013


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Rendering Contest

2-Person Division

Weijia Chen and Ying Qin
(1st Prize)

Timothy Lenardo and Zizhou Wang
(Honorable Mention)

Victor Delgado and Sang ha Im
(Honorable Mention)

Yingchuan Hu and Yu Tang
(Honorable Mention)

Bryan-benjamin Cuccioli and Andrew Wolfers

Ke Hu and Wei Wei

Nikash Narendra Kumar and Jyoti Pandey

Kaiyuan Liu and Charles Peng

Rebecca Coombes and Arthur Sams

Steven Mah and Steven Pochapin
Multi-Person Division

Victoria Dye, Nitin Rajinikanth, and Machenzie Rogers
(1st Prize)

Athena Cole, Jisha Kambo, and Kristin Murray
(Honorable Mention)

Daniel Levine, Alexander Spitzer, Lydia Wang, and Cristian Zaloj
(Honorable Mention)