CS4620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2010


Dec 20:

    Results from the Rendering Contest.

Nov 15:

    PA4 "Ray Tracing" is out. 

Oct 26:

    Prelim exam #2 cancelled due to time constraints. Material postponed until final exam.
    PA2 extension until Thursday, Oct 28.

Sept 30:

    Prelim exam #1 on Tuesday October 5.  Covers material up to but not including inverse kinematics.

Sept 27:

    Practicum: Project proposal due Fri Oct 8 (via CMS).

Sept 16:

    Optional Friday practicum slot scheduled.
    In-class prelim 1 & 2 dates set.
    Extension to Prog. Assn 1 to help with starter-code installation problems.

Sept 02:

    Practicum will be rescheduled to Mon 2:30 (Room TBD).

Aug 26:  Welcome!

    First 4620 class was today.
    CS 4621 practicum will be rescheduled due to Prof. James conflict ---  More soon


The exams are posted here for studying reference, with rather terse solutions.

Old exams

Here are links to exams from previous versions of this class. They can be useful for studying, because they give an indication of the style and scope of problems that may be expected. They are not a useful reference for topics to expect, because the content of the course has changed from year to year.