CS4620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2010


Dec 20:

    Results from the Rendering Contest.

Nov 15:

    PA4 "Ray Tracing" is out. 

Oct 26:

    Prelim exam #2 cancelled due to time constraints. Material postponed until final exam.
    PA2 extension until Thursday, Oct 28.

Sept 30:

    Prelim exam #1 on Tuesday October 5.  Covers material up to but not including inverse kinematics.

Sept 27:

    Practicum: Project proposal due Fri Oct 8 (via CMS).

Sept 16:

    Optional Friday practicum slot scheduled.
    In-class prelim 1 & 2 dates set.
    Extension to Prog. Assn 1 to help with starter-code installation problems.

Sept 02:

    Practicum will be rescheduled to Mon 2:30 (Room TBD).

Aug 26:  Welcome!

    First 4620 class was today.
    CS 4621 practicum will be rescheduled due to Prof. James conflict ---  More soon

Programming Assignments

PA4: Ray Tracing (Due: Tues Dec 7, midnight)

assignment PDF | framework code (on CMS) | IDE Setup | Corrections and Clarifications

Dec 15 is the cutoff for late rendering contest entries (image+xml) to be submitted via CMS ("Rendering Contest").  They can also be submitted with your original Dec7 submission.

Results from the Rendering Contest

PA3: Pipeline (Due: Sun Nov 14, midnight)

assignment PDF | framework code (on CMS)

PA2: Character Animation: Forward and Inverse Kinematics (Due: Thurs October 28, midnight -- extended)

assignment PDF | framework code (on CMS)

PA1: Hello OpenGL (Due: September 28, midnight)

assignment PDF | framework code (on CMS) | video highlights (avi)