CS4620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2009


Dec 14: Final exam solution posted.

Dec 7: CS4620 Fall 2008 final exam posted

Dec 4: Rendering contest entries

Nov 18: Homework #8 is out (due Mon Nov 30)

Nov 11: Homework #7 is out (due Wed Nov 18)

Oct 21: Homework #6 is out (due Wed Nov 4)

Oct 14: Homework #5 is out (due Wed Oct 21)

Oct 14: Progr. Assign Pipeline is out (due Nov6)

Sept 16:  Progr. Assign Model is out (due Oct9)

Sept 11:  Homework #3 is out

Sept 9: CSUGLab account access enabled. Please visit http://www.csuglab.cornell.edu/userinfo reset your password. Net-print, access to lab door and MSDNAA will be activated shortly.

Sept 8:  Prof. James added Mon 11am office hr

Sept 7:  Homework #2 is out

Sept 7:  Practicum room change (stay in Phillips Hall 101)

Sept 2:  Progr. Assign Ray 1 is out

Sept 31:  Homework #1 is out

Aug 26:  Welcome!
    First 4620 class is Fri Aug 28.
    First 4621 class is Wed Sep 2.


hw8   Spline Evaluation and Subdivision


hw7   Convoluted with Splines

hw6   The Graphics Pipeline

hw5   Quaternion Interpolation and Viewing

hw4   Transformations

hw3   Quads, Triangles and Tetrahedra

hw2   Blobby and Platonic Shadows

hw1   Memory and Gamma Correction
    hw1.pdf   (Updated Sept2 to clarify that MemoryGlasses run at 30Hz)