• We strive to make CS4410 a welcoming, safe, equitable, and respectful environment, consistent with Cornell's commitments
  • We recognize that the society we live in is none of those things, that we have implicit biases, and that we have to work hard every day to counter those biases to create an inclusive environment
  • If you witness a bias incident or have been the victim of one, please file a confidential report with Cornell
  • If you have any suggestions such as improvements to the web site, syllabi, slides, homework and exam questions, and so on, you can email or you can anonymously fill out a suggestion form


The lectures happen both in-person and online. In-person lectures take place on Fridays 2:40-3:30 in Annabel Taylor Hall B21. Online students can join at the same time by Zoom (or, if time zones make this impractical, watch the lecture recordings asynchronously). If you are in-person, please find your seat.


There are 6 projects and no exams. Please refer to the first handout in the schedule.


CMSX (link): We use CMSx to release assignments.

Piazza (link): We use Piazza to answer questions. Especially, we use the Piazza Live Q&A feature for questions during lectures.

Zoom: We use zoom to deliver synchronous online lectures (link).