CS 4410: Operating Systems

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(See also the summer 2017 lecture notes and the spring 2018 slides)
Topic Date Lecture notes Additional material
7/5 Introduction
7/6 Devices and I/O
7/9 Processes, isolation, context switching List of Linux system calls
7/10 Scheduling
Synchronization 7/11 Synchronization 12 Commandments of synchronization
7/12 Spin locks
7/13 Semaphores Little Book of Semaphores
7/16 Monitors; quiz
7/17 Reader-writer locks, monitor details
7/18 Deadlock
Memory 7/19 Hardware support for paging
7/20 Hierarchical page tables
7/23 Inverted page tables; quiz
7/24 Page replacement, using memory protection
7/25 Clock algorithm; thrashing
Filesystems 7/26 Disks and RAID
7/27 Filesystem API and storage
7/30 Free space; review
7/31 FS recovery; log-structured FS; quiz Rosenblum and Osterhout. The Design and Implementation of a Log-structured Filesystem
Networking 8/1 Network stack; network topology
8/2 End-to-end principle, Ethernet Saltzer, Reed, and Clark. End-to-end Arguments in System Design.
8/3 Internetworking
8/6 TCP
8/7 Review; quiz
8/8 Sockets; networking demos
8/9 Naming; Secure sockets
Security 8/10 Security overview Schneider. Introduction.
8/13 Authentication and authorization
Wrap up 8/14 Review
8/15 Final exam