Operating Systems Practicum

This is the project course for CS 4410. Students will learn about operating systems concepts through several bi-weekly assignments. Concepts covered include threading, synchronization, filesystems and networking. The projects will provide a hands-on experience with implementing operating system functionality, as well as low level programming with C.

Prerequisites: In order to enroll in CS 4411, you must have either successfully completed CS 4410 or be currently enrolled in CS 4410. If you are erolled in 4411 and not co-enrolled in 4410, be prepared to provide us with the year, semester, and final grade in which you took CS 4410.
Audit: Auditing CS 4411 is not an option. There are too few benefits to spectating in a practicum.


We meet on certain Fridays from 2:30-3:20pm in Phillips Hall 101. Please see the class schedule) for dates and topics.


  • There are 5 Prac Projects this semester.
  • Note that if you are enrolled in both CS 4410 and CS 4411 this semester, you do not need to complete A4 (the final assignment in CS 4410). Your completion of P5 (the final assignment in CS 4411) will be a more than sufficient exploration of file systems.