CS4410/4411: Operating Systems

Spring 2016, Profs. Sirer and George

Course Staff

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Prof. SirerProf. Sireregs at cs.cornell.edu
Prof. GeorgeProf. Georgemdgeorge at cs.cornell.edu
Ajay GandhiAjay Gandhiaag255 at cornell.edu
Annika LutanAnnika Lutanall239 at cornell.edu
Dan EtterDan Etterdje67 at cornell.edu
Efe GencerEfe Gencergencer at cs.cornell.edu
Ege MihmanliEge Mihmanliem569 at cornell.edu
Isaac AckermanIsaac Ackerman
James EschnerJames Eschnerjae226 at cornell.edu
Jason KursJason Kursjpk244 at cornell.edu
Justin LuJustin Lujl2378 at cornell.edu
Keshav VarmaKeshav Varmakdv8 at cornell.edu
Leon ZaruvinskyLeon Zaruvinskylaz37 at cornell.edu
Matthew GharrityMatthew Gharritymjg355 at cornell.edu
Maxwell DergositsMaxwell Dergositsmad293 at cornell.edu
Ross TannenbaumRoss Tannenbaumrjt224 at cornell.edu
Samir BorleSamir Borlesmb435 at cornell.edu
Soumya BasuSoumya Basusb2352 at cornell.edu

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