CS 4410: Operating Systems

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Note: This is the summer 2015 page; if you are looking for the fall course website, it is here.


(See also the 2014 fa lecture slides)
Topic Date Lecture notes Additional material
7/6 Introduction
7/7 Architectural support for OS
7/8 Processes and system calls List of Linux system calls
7/9 Scheduling
Synchronization 7/10 Intro to synchronization The 12 commandments
7/13 Spin locks, Quiz
7/14 Semaphores The little book of semaphores
7/15 Monitors
7/16 Classic problems
7/17 Deadlock
7/20 Deadlock mitigation, Quiz
Memory 7/21 Processes in memory
7/22 Paging
7/23 Page tables, segmentation
7/24 Page replacement
7/27 Thrashing, Quiz
Filesystems 7/28 Disk layout
7/29 Files
7/30 Filesystem recovery
7/31 Log-structured filesystems Rosenblum and Ousterhout.
The Design and Implementation of
a Log-Structured File System.
8/3a RAID
Networking 8/3b Ethernet
8/4 Networking overview Saltzer, Reed, and Clark.
End-to-end Arguments in
System Design.
8/5 Network layer (IP)
8/6 Transport layer (UDP,TCP)
8/7 Application layer
Security 8/10 Encryption basics
8/11 Authentication
8/12 Authorization
Epilogue 8/13 Advanced topics
8/14 Final exam