CS4410/4411: Operating Systems

Fall 2015, Profs. Bracy and van Renesse

Course Schedule

MP = Mini-Project. There are 4 of them. If you are enrolled in only CS 4410 this semester, you must complete all four mini-projects. If you are enrolled in both CS 4410 and CS 4411 this semester, you are only required to complete the first Mini-Project.

P = Project. There are 6 of them. If you are enrolled in CS 4411 this semester, you must complete all six projects. If you are enrolled in only CS 4410 this semester, you can ignore these deadlines entirely.

Date Topic Reading Release Due
Tue Aug 25
Introduction (pdf): Introduces the course and its contents; Discusses the history of OSs.
Thu Aug 27
Architectural Support for Operating Systems (pdf): Interrupts and Traps; I/O and device drivers; OS Protection; OS Structure; Booting.Ch. 1 & 2
Tue Sep 01
Thu Sep 03
Processes and Threads (pdf): What is a process? What is a thread? How are they created and destroyed? How are processes and threads implemented?Ch. 3
Tue Sep 08
Thu Sep 10
Tue Sep 15
Thu Sep 17
Tue Sep 22
Synchronization (pdf): How do threads share the same memory without stepping on each others toes? How do threads coordinate their execution? Locks, spinlocks, semaphores, monitors and condition variables.Ch. 4 & 5
12 Commandments of Synchronization


Thu Sep 24
CPU Scheduling (pdf): How does the OS decide which user processes/threads to schedule?Ch. 7MP2(Th,9/24)
Tue Sep 29
Thu Oct 01
Deadlocks (pdf): How to prevent synchronized threads from mutually blocking each other.Ch. 4 & 5P3(W,9/30)P2(F,10/2)
Tue Oct 06
Main Memory (pdf): Memory organization. Segmentation. Page Tables.Ch. 8
Thu Oct 08
Prelim Review (pdf): Everything through DeadlocksPrelim #1
(Th,10/8), STL185
Tue Oct 13
Fall Break
Thu Oct 15
Tue Oct 20
Main Memory (contd): TLB Management. Caches. Virtual Memory. Paging.Ch. 8-9P4(W,10/21)MP2(W,10/21)
Thu Oct 22
Tue Oct 27
Thu Oct 29
Tue Nov 03
Thu Nov 05
Networking (pdf): Network organization. Ethernet. ARP. DHCP. DNS. IP. TCP. BGP. Routing overview.

Saltzer, Reed and Clark, End-to-End Arguments in System Design.

MP3 (Th,10/22)


P4(F,11/6 @ 3pm)
Tue Nov 10
Disks and RAID (pdf): Disk Organization. Disk Interface. RAID.Ch. 12MP3(W,11/11)
Thu Nov 12
Layered Block Stores and MP4 (pdf): Block Store Interface. Virtual Block StoresMP4(Th,11/12)
Tue Nov 17
Thu Nov 19
File Systems (pdf): How are filesystems implemented, what are the performance implications for various designs? Persistence, Consistency, FAT, Unix File System, Log structured filesystems.Ch. 13 & 14

Rosenblum and Ousterhout. The Design and Implementation of a Log-Structured File System.


Tue Nov 24
Prelim 2 ReviewPrelim #2
(T,11/24), STL185
Thu Nov 26
Tue Dec 01
Thu Dec 03
Security (pdf): Basics of authentication, authorization and privacy management in operating systems.MP4(W,12/2)
Wed, Dec 94410: Final Exam

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