CS 4410: Operating Systems



Note: I am not using slides, but I will post the corresponding slides from previous offerings of the course for each lecture.

Topic Date Reading Lecture topics
7/7 introduction Note: logistics are a bit different this year!
7/8 Ch. 1&2 Architectural support for OS.
  • HW/OS interface
    • devices, drivers, controllers
    • programmed vs. memory mapped I/O, DMA
    • polling, interrupts, interrupt handler
  • OS/SW interface
    • privilege bit, userspace/kernel space, context switch
    • traps, syscalls, exceptions, interrupts
7/9 Processes
  • Programs, processes, PCB
  • loading, fork and exec
  • Linux system calls, playing with /proc filesystem, strace
7/10 Threads

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The course grade will be based on the homeworks, quizzes, final exam, and class participation.

Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is important for two reasons. The first is that the course is designed to help you learn the material. If you don't do the work you won't learn the material. The second is that we grade you; this would be meaningless if the work we grade is not yours.

You are encouraged to work together to figure out solutions to the problem sets. However, the work you submit should be your own. Be sure to put away your laptops and solution sets while working with other students.