CS4410/4411: Operating Systems

Fall 2013, Profs. Sirer and van Renesse


  • Sep 29: The wording of Q10 on MP1 has been changed, though the core of the problem remains identical. If you solved the old version of the problem, you do not need to change anything; we will grade it as is. If you haven't solved the problem yet, please work on the latest version. The change does not affect the synchronization at all.
  • Sep 14: Students who are enrolled in CS4411 but did not put their names down on the signup sheet last Tuesday: if you have a preferred partner, please email the course staff and CC your partner to be officially paired up into a group. If you do not have a partner, there will be a second opportunity at the start of lecture this Tuesday to get grouped up.
  • Sep 12: There will be no CS 4411 Lecture on Friday 09/13/13.
  • Sep 6: Because of some renovation/cleanup work, today's CS4411 will meet in KMB B11, instead of Hollister B14.
  • Aug 29: Those of you looking for a primer/refresher on computer architecture material should read Chapters 3.1-3.11, 4.1-4.5, 5.1-5.3, 7.1-7.4, 8.1-8.5 in "Computer Organization & Design: The Hardware/Software Interface" by Patterson and Hennessy. The chapter numbers are from the 2nd edition -- the library has it, or you can find the content listing online and map it to whatever edition you actually have. Keep in mind that this material is purely supplementary: the tests will focus on the OS side of the content in the course and not on architecture. But there are some overlaps with the OS side of the content and the material covered in these chapters, so it may be helpful to those who have skipped the architecture prereq or have forgotten it over the summer.

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