CS 4321 (and 5321): Practicum in Database Systems

CS4321/CS5321 is a practicum course to accompany CS 4320. You will work together in groups to develop a simple database management system in Java. This system will feature a simple SQL parser, the capability to index data for fast access, multiple implementations of relational operators such as joins, and a simple query optimizer. The project is divided into multiple phases in which specific system components are developed.

The main platform for distributing course material is the Course Management System (CMS). In addition, we will be using Piazza as a forum for student discussion and for announcements. Please make sure to read and to follow at all times the course policies outlined here.


Here are the contact details for the course staff:

Meetings and office hours:

The course meets at the beginning of each project phase on Wednesdays, 3:35pm - 4:25pm, in Holister Hall B14. The first meeting is on the 4th of September! Office hours are available on Piazza (see Resources/Staff section).