CS4321/CS5321: Practicum in Database Systems (Fall 2011)

·         Class: Wednesdays 3:35-4:25pm; Phillips 101

·         Sections:

o   Mondays 8:35-9:25pm

o   Tuesdays 12:20-1:10pm

o   The sections will only start the week of September 5.

·         InstructorJohannes Gehrke

o   Office hours: Fridays, 1:15pm to 2:15pm Upson 4105B or by appointment.

·         TAs: TBD

o   Office hours: Mondays and Wednesdays, 5-6pm in 328B Upson Hall.

·         Course Management System. The assignments and grades will be available via CMS.



·         (August 29) There are no sections this week. The sections will start the week of September 5.

·         (August 26) The first assignment will come on August 28! Thus it is important that you have access to CS4321 on CMS. If you do not have access, send email to the instructor as soon as possible.

·         (August 24) All students from both CS4321 and CS5321 have been added to the CS4321 course instance on CMS. Even though you might be enrolled in CS5321, the "correct" CMS course instance for you is the CS4321 instance; both CS4321 and CS5321 are sharing the same assignments, and thus instead of replicating the course contents into two separate instances of the course on CMS, there will just be a single instance for all students. If you are planning to take this course and you do not have access to the CS4321 CMS instance at this time, send email to the instructor as soon as possible.

·         A few more spaces in each of the sections have opened up. Note that the sections will only start the week of September 5.



Course Description


CS4321/CS5321 is the practicum associated with CS4320/CS5320. You will build major components of a “realistic” database system. Solid C++ programming skills are required. CS4321 has a lecture/discussion once every week where you can ask questions about the homework assignments. CS4321/CS5321 does not have any exams. Your grade solely depends on five assignments. See the CMS for assignments, their deadlines, and grades. There is no assigned textbook, but concurrent enrollment in CS4320/CS5320 is required; the concepts that you will implement in this course are taught in that class.




CS4321/CS5321 has associated sections where the teaching assistants will give you hints about the assignments and about C++ programming.