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CS/INFO 431-631: Web Information Systems

In this course we will examine the techniques for building information systems on the World Wide Web.  These systems include digital libraries, virtual museums, e-commerce sites, collaborative learning environments, eScholarship frameworks, and social networking sites. Because the management, organization, and preservation of information involves a combination of technical, economic, policy, and social concerns, course content combines:

Throughout the course we will recall that information systems pre-date computers.  Those traditional information systems - a.k.a. libraries - have developed well-honed tools, models, and techniques for managing content and services.  We will explore how they map to contemporary network-based environments, understand the lessons to be learned from them, and note how many need radical reconsideration in a world of ubiquitous computing, high-speed networks, and new forms of content.

Course work includes readings, critical reviews, and technical projects that build expertise in tools and mechanisms for presenting and organizing information.