CS426: Introduction to Bioinformatics

Fall 2005

Tue, Thu 2:55-4:10 at Philips Hall 101

Instructor: Uri Keich

Office: 4159 Upson Hall, 5-7017

email: keich@cs

Office Hours: Mon 5:00-5:55 or by appointment

TA: Niranjan Nagarajan, 4154 Upson Hall, 5-4574, niranjan@cs

Books on hold in the Engineering Library:

The grade will be given based on several homework assignments and a Final. The assignments will combine programming tasks with theoretical problems. I welcome discussions among the students but by the end of the day each student should write the paper or code on his/her own. Failure to abide by this policy will be considered an academic integrity violation.

The slides and other resources are now available under the new CMS. If you can't login send me your NetID and I will add you to the list of students even if you're not formally registered for the course.

The final is scheduled for 12/9 9-11:30 in Hollister 314. You are only allowed to use one page of size letter written or typed on one side only.